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Happy Birthday Moustache!

Today my moustache is turning one year old! It’s been exactly a year since I was last clean shaven — I only trimmed the moustache once in this past year, but other than that just a comb and wax is all that touches it.

A year ago I was in Puerto Iguazu Argentina. I was visiting the falls on the Argentine side one day, and going to the Brazilian side the next. While laying around the hostel that night between the two trips I got the bright idea to shave off my beard so later it would look like I’d been to Iguazu/Iguaçu Falls at two different times in my life. So I pulled out the razor and started shaving. Beards have come and gone in the past year, but that hair above my upper lip that we affectionately refer to as a moustache has been with me the whole time.

Below is a photo time line of the first year in my moustache’s life.

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