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Montanya Distillers, Silverton Rum

I write a lot about beer over at my other blog, Beer N Bikes, and beer’s been my beverage of choice lately, I haven’t been drinking much liquor at all.

But I was recently given a bottle of Platino Light Rum from Montanya Distillers just up the road in Silverton, Colorado and I have to say, it’s good stuff. I made myself a lime daiquiri, not the slushy sugary daiquiri most people are used to these days, but the original lime daiquiri, the kind Hemingway drank (I’ve read that the lime daiquiri, not the mojito was actually his favorite drink). Fresh squeezed lime juice, sugar, rum. That’s it. It’s one of the most refreshing drinks I can think of on a summer afternoon.

The lime daiquiri has been a favorite summer time drink of mine for a while now. Far better than the mojito or Cuba libre in my opinion. And don’t even get me started on rum and Coke. The lime daiquiri is extremely similar to the caipirinha, except for the fact that after drinking a few lime daiquiri’s you typically don’t wake up in a stranger’s bed with no memories of the last 12 hours, the same can’t be said for the caipirinha, the national drink of Brazil. The difference between the two is in the booze, the lime daiquiri uses light rum, the caipirinha uses  cachaça, a liquor very similar to rum, distilled from cane sugar like rum, but typically not aged at all.

I drank plenty of caipirinha’s on the beach in Brazil, but I stick with the lime daiquiri these days, and save those crazy cachaça fueled nights for special occasions.

And it didn’t hit my until I sat down to write this and looked at their website, but Montanya Distillers Platino Light Rum sells for $25, I don’t buy rum too often, but that seems like a great price for artisanal rum from a small mining town in Colorado.