iPod Touch and Switcheasy Thumbtacks Mic

I bought an iPod Touch about a week ago after my five year old iPod finally died.

I love the Touch, the apps you can download are great and make it really expandable. I stream music from the internet and my home computer, play games, read email and browse the web on it, it’s great.

Another thing I was excited about was the ability to record notes, use Shazam, the app that tells you what song is playing by recording a little bit of it, and trying out Skype. To do this you need a microphone as there isn’t out built into the Touch. I saw the Switcheasy Thumbtacks Mic and it looked good. It’s small, unobtrusive, cheap and has good reviews. I ordered one right away and was anxious to get it. According to their website arrival time is 2-5 days depending upon the distance from their warehouse.

Well, here I am 9 days later, anxious to play with my new toy, and I still haven’t gotten it. I emailed them when I didn’t recieve a tracking number and was given a tracking number and told it would ship soon. When I check the tracking number on the USPS website it shows that it hasn’t even shipped yet.

Hopefully the mic itself is better than Switcheasy’s customer service.

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