Small Town Living Part Two: The Grocery Store

“The Grocery Store” is the official name of the grocery store in town. There’s only one so I guess it makes things easy.

Yesterday I was shopping for ingredients to make some calzones (made them totally from scratch, dough, sauce and everything) and I thought it’d be nice to have some artichoke hearts. I couldn’t find them but knew they carried them because I bought some a few weeks before. I couldn’t find them so I thought I’d ask where they were.

I saw two Grocery Store employees nearby, an older woman and a younger boy. I asked where the artichoke hearts were and the kid looked at the woman. She laughed and said “I knew you’d look at me” and then he responded “I don’t even know what thems is” in the thickest backwoods country accent I’ve ever heard. She found them and he found out what they were. And I made some damn fine calzones.

13 responses to “Small Town Living Part Two: The Grocery Store

  1. I know just what you’re talking about… I grew up sort of near Bayfield (in Del Norte — we actually played Bayfield in high school for a few years when our school was deemed “3A” — they tended to destroy us in all respects). I was at home over Christmas and wanted to make risotto for my family, but couldn’t find the key ingredient in our “grocery store.” Anyway, I’ve been following your blog ever since you linked to my blog re: 52 books in 52 weeks. Hope you don’t mind. Good luck in SoCo (AKA the “deep south” of Colorado). I look forward to hearing about it.

  2. Looks like you met barb and harold

  3. I too, was really disappointed with the grocery store…if you can even call it a grocery store. It’s well worth the trip to drive to the city for your real grocery shopping. You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration and money!!!!

  4. I wasn’t disappointed with the grocery store, just found it a little funny that someone about 16 years old have never heard of artichoke hearts. I shop at the Bayfield Grocery Store a couple times a month, never making a special trip in to town to grocery shop (although I do stop to buy some things that they don’t have at The Grocery Store every once in a while when I am already in town).

  5. Excuse me, The Grocery Store offers a wide selection of goods to the public for very low prices. The Owner/Manager is always very nice and his wife especially is always in a great friendly mood. The shelves are always stocked with the finest merchandise available and there are never expired/damaged goods or produce on display. I am amazed that Oreos sell for as low as $6.00 and Florida Natural Juice sells for as low as $5.50. One may think that the goods are cheaper at walmart (almost by half) but one must also take in mind that the customer service and friendly touch are totally worth supporting minimum wage workers who have no benefits or job security. The value of seeing a store manager leaning out on a rail in the afternoon smoking a cigarette and coughing her lungs out is priceless.

  6. I am a Mexian National who recently became an American citizen. I reside in Bayfield, and have very good English and Spelling skills. I want you all to know that The Grocery Store in Bayfield, CO. Totally bites my Huevos! The owner, or whomever I saw, wearing a light tan long sleeved shirt, was running around barking orders like a damn Drill Sergeant. From what I saw, the female’s working there have the owner by the Huevo’s. Sad, so very sad. The guy’s employed there seem to get yelled at more often, and I shop there alot, and do not know how they put up with it. Anyways, my name is Juan, now an American Citizen. I now have a right to speech. Auf wiedersehen

  7. Avoid shopping and more importantly working at this store. The owner cares solely about making money in both customer service and employee relations. The prices are steep and the quality of the product is often poor as there are a plethora of cases of expired goods. I would know, three years working here, one as a shift manager, this is a defunctional work and shopping environment. The employees are subtly encouraged to treat the product with disrespect and apathy in favor of leaving sooner and saving the boss money. There is absolutely no job security as I was fired after refusing to work a 7am-12 shift and a 8pm-6am shift the same day three days a week. Also as a manager and second longest tenured employee I was paid less than the starting stocker or cashier at walmart or albertsons. My time there was given no respect as the manager cares only about money and never about moral. Based off of simple calculations one saves much money going to walmart even for a few items. Oreos are $2 more expensive, simply orange juice is also on average $2 more expensive, combine that and you have $4, enough to pay for gas into durango. So unless you are seriously on a time crunch and only need fewer than a handful of items please do yourself a favor and drive into durango. Also never work here, the boss will promise you everything in the world when he needs you to work a shift then the next day he’ll hire a new guy and your job security plummets. If you do not make yourself disposable to him he will dispose of you.
    If working at a store is your thing, do yourself a favor and visit beautiful durango.
    If being a fiscally responsible and a moral human being is your thing, do yourself a favor and visit beautiful durango.

  8. okay okay … things can be more expensive, but i usually only get small thing i forget from the big shopping trips at albertsons. I hate Durango and without TGS, we’d all be shopping at a gas station! I love the small town life and this grocery store is vital to bayfield. I’ve found that milk is way cheaper then wal-mart and way less crowded. so f all the durango lovers and buy your milk at TGS

  9. Forest Lakes Dweller

    If you’ve only been here a short time, please understand that the folksy things that occur in this rural area (La Plata County) and Bayfield in particular, won’t seem so cute after you’ve been here a few years. Most of the people who work in Bayfield act like they are so depressed to be working and living here that they’d like to kill themselves. I venture to guess that the average IQ isn’t much above about 95, and forget anyone knowing what things like artichoke hearts are! If you are a man and asking for artichoke hearts, they look at you like you’re probably gay. People around here are actually resentful if you have a bit more money, intelligence, or education than they might have. I love living here compared to the city, but you’re best off to avoid the idiots in Bayfield as much as possible. It’s a redneck Mecca!

  10. If you so dislike the redneck population of Bayfield, perhaps you should consider moving, believe me the red necks would be perfectly happy to see the back side of you as you head back to wherever you came from.

  11. Hey Grocery Store Employees and Former Employees….
    Don’t feel bad or take it personally about how you were treated as an employee. The owner and his wife (Paul and Diane) treat their own family members the same way. Money comes first with them, and means far more than the relationships in their lives. Sad, but true…

  12. I love Baytucky or Bayberry! BUT the grocery store is a joke! Using a sharpie to black out expiration dates. Meat turns brown…no worries just reground it to make it appear fresh. Repackage those mushrooms and put the best looking ones on top. Or hey, these jalpenos are going to rot, let’s sell them as a 2lb bunch but make sure you put the best looking ones on top.

  13. LOL! Did a search on grocery stores in bayfield- your funny blog showed up! Thanks:-)

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