Christian the Lion

My friend Oliver sent me this video.

This might be my favorite youtube video ever.

3 responses to “Christian the Lion

  1. Awesome vid, and perfect sound track. Love the blonde dudes hair, he’s got a serious mane.

  2. I love this story! I saw it on some show on Discovery, but they didn’t have the whole video with his wife and everything! Awesome!

  3. Hi. I really like your blog. I came across your webpage through your girlfriend’s “Stairs to Nowhere” blog. I’ve been reading her posts a lot recently.
    I am interested in moving to tijuana. I will be going to school at San Diego State and would like to rent an apartment in tijuana. Is there anyway you can give some tips on where to go or where to look for an apartment. I am a bohemian type so I don’t need anything fancy, just as long as its safe. I would really appreciate your feedback.

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