Daily Archives: September 29, 2008


I’ve had facial hair of some sort for the majority of the last seven years. Not only do I hate shaving, but the less hair on my face, the more naked I feel. I’ve had a big handlebar moustache for a while, but the last month or two I’ve been shaving every couple weeks and letting a beard grow in. I love the way a new beard looks, and hate shaving, so this works out well.

Saturday afternoon the beard was starting to get a little long, so I shaved it off and waxed the ‘stache. It wasn’t cooperating and I was getting frustrated and started thinking about trimming it to a more manageable length. I didn’t, but kept thinking about it.

While stopped at a red light soon after a little girl walked up to the window selling gum. As she walked up and looked at me she did a double take, and then kept staring at me. Obviously looking at my moustache. Then I started to notice throughout the night and next day that most kids just stare at me, mesmerized by my moustache. So I thought, how can I shave this off when it brings so much joy to small children. So the moustache is here for a little while longer at least.

So with this in mind, here are a few of my favorite facial hair styles:

Big-beard long-hair

Big-beard short-hair

Short mustache

1860’s baseball moustache

All dressed up

Old Saloon